Why use EQ Supplements

Are you an Elite Athlete.

Are you a Professional Athlete.

Do you work in the Armed services, Police, Fire service?

Are you serious about what goes into your body?

Or are you like me just into being the best you can be and into health and wellbeing? 

Athletes, picture this:

    • You walk into a supplement store.
    • You don't realise that up to 25% of supplements on the shelf have a contaminated banned substance.
    • You happen to be unlucky that day and you end up buying the tainted one.
    • You start taking it.
    • You get banned, receive negative publicity, lose your lucrative sponsorship deals or worse your career is over.
    • You're now branded a cheat.

This issue is that the manufacturers and/or raw materials used to create a supplement can mistakenly have some contaminated steroids or stimulants that will show up in a drugs test.

Studies which have analysed nutritional supplements, such as vitamin tablets and sports drinks, have shown that they sometimes contain banned substances not declared on the product’s label.

A study in 2008 by LGC* (Informed Sport) found that 10 per cent of supplements and weight loss products purchased and tested in the UK were contaminated with steroids and/or stimulants at levels that could have resulted in positive findings for athletes.

The amount needed to brand you a cheat is unbelievably small, in fact contamination levels in a product of 0.00005%.

For example, when researchers purposely contaminated 5g of creatine with 25ug (19-norandrostenedione), 25% would have failed a drugs test. The dose is so small that it wouldn't have had any performance benefit.

So why would you take Sports Nutrition Supplements if the risk is that high?

Seriously. The topic of supplements and the additional expense of Informed Sport Testing always comes up in conversation. It certainly does cost a few pennies more and it then adds that cost to every product of every batch produced. The EQ Nutrition response always has been and always will be:

    • Follow a food first approach. i.e. rely on actual food to get your major gains.
    • If you need to supplement (and yes, there are some useful ones), get informed sport or batch  tested products through your club/institute that has been certified.
    • If in doubt buy EQ Nutrition Sports Performance Series
    • EQ stands for Excellence and Quality
    • EQ products are tested in accordance with the Informed Sport testing programme which certifies that our supplements and/or ingredients have been tested for banned substances and are completely safe for natural and elite athletes and are used by a host of Professional, Olympic and World Champions
    • EQ Nutrition use manufacturers who have been audited in accordance with the Informed Sport programme, ensuring that all our products are produced by manufacturers that have the appropriate quality systems in place.

Informed-Sport is a global quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry, and supplement manufacturing facilities. The program certifies that every batch of a supplement product and/or raw material that bears the Informed-Sport logo, has been tested for banned substances by LGC's world-class sports anti-doping laboratory.

The Informed Sport web site lists the supplements that have passed their stringent testing criteria.  Find EQ Nutrition here

Please don't be ignorant to this. This is extremely important.

Drug testers won't give a monkeys if you fail because of a small contaminated dose or if you're taking the whole lot.

Either way, if it's in your body it's your responsibility.

Is it time to take control?

If you're unsure about the product you're taking ask EQ Nutrition, as I'd hate for you to fail a test because your taking a useless supplement that doesn't even work in the first place.

Our door is always open.